Travel questions during the Covid-19 season

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Going or canceling? Traveling is susceptible to nCoV? Where to safe? … are the questions many people ask before leaving.

Do not travel in places where the world’s largest outbreaks such as China, South Korea … is the answer any tourist can answer. However, the more difficult questions, not everyone has the correct answer.

Where to go safe?

To answer this question most accurately, you should regularly update the news on travel advice pages of governments of other countries. One of them is the page of Office of External Relations and Commonwealth (FCO). You can go to this page and search, or check on the country you are going to, see if there have been any cases, or how many to make your own decisions.

Tôi có nên mua bảo hiểm sau khi đi du lịch? Câu trả lời là không. Bạn nên mua bảo hiểm cùng thời điểm với chuyến đi. Vì nếu có vấn đề phát sinh trước thời điểm bạn mua bảo hiểm, bạn sẽ không đủ điều kiện để nhận bồi thường. Ảnh: 

Should I buy insurance after traveling? The answer is no. You should buy insurance at the same time as the trip. Because if there is a problem before the time you buy insurance, you will not be eligible to receive compensation. Photo: Shutterstock.Nếu chuyến bay bị hủy, tôi được hoàn tiền không?

Many airlines have canceled schedules to places affected by Covid-19. If you buy a ticket directly from the airline, you are eligible for a refund or transfer flight time. In case you reschedule, you can still pay the difference in fare. If you book through a third party (travel agent), you need to contact them for policy.

After canceling the flight ticket, the next issue that travelers need to consider is to cancel the hotel reservation. Some of the hotels located in the heart of China have free cancellation policies for travelers. What you need to do is to contact the reservationer to find out if you get free cancellation or not.

What if I’m too afraid to travel?

Airlines, travel agents and insurance companies have no obligation to refund based on panic. Therefore, if you decide not to go anywhere other than the locations on the risk list, you will not get a refund. The reason you can be reimbursed by a tour company or insurance company in this case is that you are ill, have health problems so you cannot go. However, you will need to show legal documentation from your doctor.

The tour operator or insurance company will offer you an alternative vacation if the tour goes wrong, and that tour you follow the advice of the company. In addition, if the tour you book and the actual tour is different, you also have the right to refuse to participate. In these cases, you will receive a refund.

A representative of TUI travel agency office in the UK shared that in case the company cannot take you to travel as promised due to travel restrictions between countries, they will contact customers. The two sides will discuss to make the most suitable plan.

Get compensation insurance when canceling the tour?

Talk directly to the airline, hotel and travel agency for which you buy a ticket, room or tour to find out how much you are entitled to. If they can’t help, you’ll need help from previous travel insurance packages. Insurance companies have policies for this cancellation to help you. For example, the hotel reservation will be refunded if the customer’s flight is canceled.

What if I am quarantined?

You will have to obey the requirements of the local government of your destination. You will probably stay in quarantine for 14 days. Depending on the country, isolation, payment for medical examination and treatment if you have nCoV will be free or not. Therefore, you need to carefully check the travel insurance policy you have purchased before, to ensure your rights in case you have to pay all medical bills and travel.

Should I travel now?

The answer is up to you. If you have a medical history (history of certain medical conditions), and you are at high risk for infection, stay home. But if you’re under 50 and healthy, the upcoming summer holidays are well worth the consideration.

Is sailing at this time dangerous?

The yacht becoming an outbreak or being refused by many countries has created a fearsome effect in many tourists. However, this situation also makes shipping lines more aggressive in ensuring safety and security for cruise passengers. They take many precautions such as cancellation to places with travel restrictions, rescheduling, more stringent screening of passengers getting on and off the train.

Currently, trips to China and East Asia are canceled by many shipping lines. The International Yacht Association says its crew members are all experienced in cleaning. Disinfectant water is placed at various locations on board for guests and crew members to use. Cruise ships also have strict measures to clean and disinfect during and after each journey. Some shipping lines such as Saga and Fred Olsen are applying the free cancellation policy for new customers booking tours.

Is flying at this point scary?

Most commercial airplanes have HEPA filters (which remove particles that are harmful to the human body in the air). David Powell, medical adviser of the International Air Transport Association, said the virus could not survive long in a chair or a handrail. Physical contact between people and new people puts you at the highest risk of transmission on the flight. Therefore, wearing a mask and gloves will limit the infection.

 Travel questions in Covid-19
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Travel questions in Covid-19
Going or canceling? Traveling is susceptible to nCoV? Where to safe? ... are the questions many people ask before leaving.
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