Where to buy a SIM card at Ho Chi Minh City’s international airport

20/12/2019 | 11:17 3680 views

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If you are looking to buy 4G SIM card at Ho Chi Minh airport: please follow this article

  • Tan Son Nhat airport is the main international airport in HCMC
  • Getting a SIM card there is very convenient. You can get it either before you go through passport control or after. You should getting it AFTER you’ve got your bags and left the customs area, because the desks before passport control are not official sellers and many people report the SIM card stopped working after 12 hours
  • Also, only the international terminal has SIM cards. If you arrive in the domestic terminal (which is in a separate building), you won’t be able to buy a card there
  • Where to find the SIM card vendors at the international terminal:
  1. Pick up your bags and exit the customs
  2. Turn left and walk towards the end of the building
  3. After walking just 80 meters or so at the very end of the terminal building, you will see on your right hand side you see a SASCO Travel SIM cards couter. SASCO Travel sells all type of sim including 3 largest telecom companies in Vietnam: Viettel, Mobifone, and VinaPhone
  • Opening hours of these offices: 7am to 2:30am daily. You can also purchase the SIM online through website and pick up at the counter to save time.
  • How much does a SIM card cost:
  • Please visit here to find out details info: https://sascotravel.com/en/sim-card-list/sim-4g/
  • To buy a card you need to have cash Dongs, which you can get in one of the nearby exchange booths. The exchange rate at the airport is basically the same as the city
  • Coverage:
  • Viettel has the biggest 4G coverage. If you’re going to be travelling all over Vietnam, this is your best choice
  • VinaPhone also has great coverage. Unless you plan to go to some really remote areas in the north, you should be good
  • Mobifone has the smallest coverage of the three. It’s especially weak in the northern part of the country. But if you only plan to stay in the major cities, this will work totally fine

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