Vietnam’s premier orders nationwide isolation in 15 days, beginning April 1

31/03/2020 | 13:37 87 lượt xem
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc ordered a nationwide isolation for 15 days, beginning Wednesday to fight against coronavirus spreading, which has been announced as national pandemic, the government said in a statement.

In the latest Directive Numbered 16, the Vietnamese government chief called residents to stay at home when total infections have risen to 204 as of Tuesday afternoon.

The order which is among urgent measures the government has adopted to combat COVID-19 pandemic demands for isolations between family and family, village and village, province and province to limit the spread of the virus.

Workers at workshops, plants should ensure a safe distance, wearing masks, disinfecting usually, according to regulations.

The number if infected cases in Vietnam has been increasing rapidly in recent days. There is a high risk of infection in the community. The government predicts that the pandemic will spread rapidly on a large scale, threatening lives of citizen and country’s economy.

No public gathering more than two

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc suggests citizen to stay at home and only go out for necessity situation only, including buying food, medicine, emergency, working at factories, business and service establishments.

The government of Vietnam requests no public gathering more than two people. People must keep distance of at least two meters from each other and inform the authorities of their health status and perform measures to protect their families’ and their own health.

Business leaders would be responsible for deploying disease prevention measures at their own businesses to keep their employees healthy, statement said.

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