1. Which size of Sim card can I use?

We provide Standard, Micro and Nano Sim with all Brand (Mobifone- Viettel – Vietnammobi) so it fits any devices you have.

2. How long can I use the Sim card?

Depending on the Sim you buy, we have short, medium and long-term plans that meet your needs.

3. How fast is the speed?

4G/LTE speed, approximately 10 Mbps.

4. Does the Sim card have phone number?

Yes, any Sim card you purchase has its own number.

5. Is it free to receive phone calls?

Incoming SMS and calls are absolutely free in Vietnam.

6. Any documents should I present when I buy a Sim card?

You should hand your booking and passport to the cashiers at the pick-up points so we can provide and register your Sim card under your name.

7. Should I register my Sim card?

It’s required by Vietnamese telecommunications law so yes you should register your Sim card.

8. Can I use the Sim card in Laos or Cambodia?

Sorry, the Sim card itself can work in Vietnam only.

9. What time can I pick-up the Sim card?

Our shops are available from 7.00-3.00, 24/7 so anytime you arrive you can contact us to pick-up.

10. Do you accept credit cards?


11. Where can I top-up?

Most of the convenience shops in the city provide top-up cards. Or you can use online applications to top-up.



1. What kind of car do you offer?

We are offering 4-seater (Toyota Vios, Mitsubishi Attrage), 7-seater (Toyota Innova, Toyota Fortuner, Kia Sedona) and 16-seater (Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter). We also offer Mercedes-Benz E-class (E200 & E250) as luxury cars for those who required.

2. How long do I need to wait for the car to come when I arrive at the airport?

Usually, the car is ready when you arrive. However, in rush hours it might be taken 5 minutes.

3. Do I need to pay any extra fees?

Airport and toll fees are included but not parking fee or waiting fee or extra hours (if you’re booking car for a tour). Otherwise, you will not pay anything else.

4. Can I rent a car?

We are offering driven-car only.

5. How can I book a multi-trip or city tour?

Please contact our hotline for the best support (HOTLINE: +84 28 3547 0295)/ e-mail: sales@sascotravel.com

6. Can the driver speak Korean / Chinese?

English is the best choice to communicate with the driver.

7. Do you offer a tour guide if you book a city tour?

Our drivers will take you to the most beautiful places / attractive destinations in the city. They can give you some tips what to see, what to buy as well.

8. How I can find your shop?

Please follow the instruction on your booking. When you find us, please present your booking to the cashier ( map counter)

9. If I book a return, do I receive any discount?

You can book online at my website or contact our hotline.


1. If you inform us about the cancellation before 24-hour of your booking time, we will refund 50% of your expenditure.

2. Any cancellation within 24 hours will be charged 100%.

3. If you do not use the service after 24-hour of your booking time, we will cancel it and no refund. In case your flight is canceled/delayed more than 24 hours, you need to inform us 24-hours in advance via text/email.